Hot sandwiches  (whole only)
Sandwiches served with our home-made coleslaw & a dill pickle spear

The Legendary Reuben                  
Voted #1 Reuben - Seattle Magazine & The Stranger
Home-made Corned Beef with Sauerkraut, melted Swiss and our famous Russian sauce on Rye
Pastrami Reuben                             
Zoe’s Meats Pastrami with Sauerkraut, melted Swiss and our famous Russian sauce on Rye
Turkey Reuben                                  
Zoe’s Meats Turkey with Sauerkraut, melted Swiss and our famous Russian sauce on Rye
Hot Pastrami                                             
Zoe’s Pastrami with spicy Brown Mustard on Rye
add Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone 
Cranberry Turkey Melt                    
Zoe’s Turkey, caramelized Apples & Onions, Cranberry Cream Cheese & our Candied Pecans on Sourdough
BBQ Pulled Pork                            
Slow cooked, spice-rubbed Pork smothered in our home-made BBQ sauce piled high on soft Onion Bun    
Try it Southern-Style with the Coleslaw on top!
Double Decker Grilled Cheese         
Cheddar, Provolone & Dijon Mustard on Sourdough
(the middle bread keeps it from slip slidin’ away)
add Tomato or Pickle  
add Bacon, Ham or Zoe’s Meats Turkey
Our Crazy Good Grilled Cheese        
Cheddar, Swiss, a little Blue Cheese, Apple & Tomato on double decker Rosemary bread (the name says it all!)
add Bacon, Ham or Zoe’s Meats Turkey
The Fried Egg Sandwich                 
Bacon, Spinach, Tomato, Chèvre Cheese and a Fried Egg with Dijon Mustard on Sourdough  *
J for veggie option get double eggs and hold the bacon
California Dreamin’                         
Zoe’s Meats Turkey, Spinach, Tomato, our home-made Guacamole and melted Swiss on Sourdough
Tuna Melt                                         
Yellowfin Tuna mixed with Pickles & Red Onion, with Cheddar, Tomato & Bacon on Whole Wheat
Hot Turkey Melt                                
Zoe’s Meats Turkey with melted Cheddar, Tomato & Bacon on Whole Wheat
Market Club                        
Zoe’s Turkey, our Candied Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayonnaise served club style on toasted Sourdough
add Avocado  add Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone 

Bread choices: from Essential Baking Co. & Grand Central Bakery Sourdough, Whole Wheat, Rye, or Olivia Superfree Multi Grain or Lyin’ Rye (breads are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, rice-free, egg-free, corn-free, potato-free)

cold sandwiches

The Veggie  (whole or half)
Home-made Herb Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Avocado Tomato, Lettuce & Pumpkin Seeds on Whole Wheat

Simply B.L.T.  (whole or half)
crispy Applewood smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayonnaise on toasted Sourdough
add Avocado      add Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone

Egg Salad  (whole or half)
mixed with Nancy’s Yogurt (no mayo),Caper & Shallot, with Cucumber, Tomato & Lettuce on Sourdough
add Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone      add Bacon

Tuna Salad  (whole or half)
Yellowfin mixed with Sour Cream, Pickle & Red Onion, with Cucumber, Tomato & Lettuce on Sourdough
add Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone      add Bacon
Curry Chicken Wrap                     
Grilled Chicken Breast mixed with Carrots, Peppers, Currants & our Curry dressing, with Spinach & toasted Almonds all wrapped up in Lavash bread
Curry Chickpea Wrap       
Chickpeas with our Curry dressing, with Spinach & toasted Almonds all wrapped up in Lavash bread

Pastrami & Swiss  (whole or half)
Zoe’s Meats Pastrami with Tomato, Lettuce, spicy brown Mustard and Mayonnaise on Rye

Ham & Swiss  (whole or half)
 Black Forest Ham with Tomato, Lettuce, Dijon Mustard and Mayonnaise on Sourdough

Turkey & Cheddar  (whole or half)
Zoe’s Meats Turkey with Tomato, Lettuce, Dijon Mustard and Mayonnaise on Sourdough

Cup of our Home-made Coleslaw  
Whole Dill Pickle
Tim’s Potato Chips – all flavors 
Bubbie’s Chicken Soup (bowl or cup)
with Matzoh Ball (Jewish Dumpling) or Noodles
voted #1 in Seattle since 2005!
Market Soup (always vegetarian) (bowl or cup)

Curry Chicken    
Grilled Chicken Breast with Carrots, Red Peppers, Currants & our Curry dressing on a bed of Spinach with toasted Almonds
Curry Chickpea                         
our Curry salad with Chickpeas instead of Chicken
Warm Falafel Salad      
Mixed Greens, Chickpeas, Tomato, Cucumber, Feta sauce & warm Falafel with Cucumber-Lemon Vinaigrette and grilled Pita bread

Spinach, Apples & Stilton  
with our Candied Pecans & Sherry-Shallot Vinaigrette
add Grilled Chicken Breast                                
Mixed Greens Salad            
with Carrots, Cucumber, Red Pepper, Tomato, Red Onion & our Lemon-Parmesan Vinaigrette
add Grilled Chicken Breast                                    
add Chèvre, Feta or Blue Cheese                         

The burger-licious menu
all burgers are served with chips or our home-made coleslaw and a dill pickle spear
Veggie Burger                              
Home-made Patty of Black Beans, Wild Rice, Oats, Panko Bread Crumbs, Egg, Onion, Jalapeño & Cilantro, with Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion & roasted Red Pepper Aioli
Drive-in Burger                                         
Just like the good ole days with shredded Lettuce, Red Onion & our famous Russian sauce *
The Burger                                                    
All-natural 100% ½ lb. Meyer Angus Beef Patty with Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Brown Mustard & Mayo*
add Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone                         
add Chèvre, Feta or Blue Cheese                     
add Applewood Smoked Bacon                             
add Fried Egg                                                        
substitute fresh Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast
Sloppy Onion Burger                                                                
Smothered with Onions slow cooked in Root Beer ‘til sticky, sweet & drip-down-your-face  *
Cowboy Burger                                 
Home-made thick-cut buttermilk fried Onion Rings & our spicy BBQ sauce *
Tangled Up In Blue Burger              
Blue Cheese, our Brown Sugar Candied Bacon (ridiculously addictive), Lettuce & Tomato  *
BLT Burger                                    
Applewood Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & our home-made Ranch dressing  *
add Fried Egg                                                 
The Patty Melt                                  
with our Sloppy Onions & Swiss on toasted Rye *
The “Bur-Ben”                                 
with Sauerkraut, melted Swiss & our famous Russian sauce on toasted Rye  *
BBQ Chicken Burger                               
Fresh grilled marinated Chicken Breast with caramelized Apples & Onions, our home-made spicy BBQ sauce & our Brown Sugar Candied Bacon*
add Swiss, Cheddar or Provolone                           
big plates
Triple-Cheese Mac ‘n Cheese                              
with home-made Mornay sauce & topped with crispy Parmesan crumbs
add Black Forest Ham                                          
add Applewood Smoked Bacon                          
add Grilled Chicken Breast                             
add Chèvre, Feta or Blue Cheese                          

Market “Risotto”                             
Pearl Couscous with Tomato, Spinach, Red Pepper, Mushroom & Chèvre Cheese in a creamy Lemon sauce
add Grilled Chicken Breast                                   
Chicken Pot Pie                                           
Grilled Chicken Breast and Veggies in our creamy Béchamel sauce topped with Crispy Pastry

Spicy Garlic Penne Pasta                   
with Mushroom, Spinach, Garlic, Red Pepper flakes, Lemon and Parmesan Cheese
add Grilled Chicken Breast                                   

Breakfast all day
Biscuits & Turkey Gravy  (whole or half)
two Buttermilk Biscuits smothered in our home-made creamy Turkey Gravy
add two Eggs, your style *                                  
add our home-made breakfast Sausage

Farmhouse Breakfast            
three Eggs, your style, with applewood smoked Bacon or our home-made breakfast Sausage, herb roasted Potatoes & Toast  *

Breakfast Sliders                           
two Buttermilk Biscuits filled with scrambled Eggs & Cheddar, with herb roasted Potatoes  *
add Applewood Smoked Bacon or Black Forest Ham
add our home-made breakfast Sausage

Huevos Rancheros                            
Black Beans, Tomatillo Sauce, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo (all home-made) with melted Cheddar and two Eggs, your style, all layered on top of corn Tortillas  *

Brioche French Toast  (whole or half)
thick-cut  home-made Brioche, with jam & syrup

Hot Whole Grain Cereal                  
with dried Apricots & Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds & Honey, with Milk on side

Corned Beef Hash                            
our Corned Beef cooked up with Potatoes, Peppers & Onions, with two Eggs, your style, on top, & Toast *

Veggie Hash                                     
Potatoes, Red Pepper, Mushroom, Jalapeño, Spinach, Tomato & Onion, with two Eggs, your style, & Toast  *
add Avocado            add Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone, Chèvre, Feta or Blue Cheese

Southwest Veggie Hash                 
our Veggie Hash w/out eggs, but with Black Beans, Tomatillo Sauce, melted Cheddar & Toast 
Breakfast all day
served with herb roasted Potatoes & Toast*
Make your own                                    
Meats:      Black Forest Ham                                  
Applewood Smoked Bacon                     
Home-made Breakfast Sausage              
Veggies:   Tomato, Onion, Jalapeño, Potato,
                Red Pepper, Spinach or Mushroom         
Cheeses:  Cheddar, Swiss or Provolone                 
                Feta, Blue Cheese or Chèvre                  

Applewood Smoked Bacon                   
Home-made Breakfast Sausage Patties     
Two Eggs  *                                          
Herb Roasted Potatoes                          
Two Buttermilk Biscuits with orange butter
Toast with butter & jam  (sourdough, whole wheat, rye)

just for kids                                       
mac ‘n cheese please                      
chicken little pot pie                        
squishy squash ravioli                    
tossed in butter & parmesan 
seashell pasta                                   
tossed in butter & parmesan
chicken soup                                              
with oodles of noodles or matzoh ball
cheesy quesadilla (case-uh-deeya)  
add grilled chicken
egg in the hole                               
an egg cooked inside our home-made French toast with home-made apple butter & syrup on the side
lil’ burger                                          
add mayo, mustard or lettuce  
add tomato    
add swiss, cheddar or provolone cheese                
grilled cheddar cheesy sticks          
pb & j sticks (you can sub honey for the jelly) 
turkey or ham sticks                       
add mayo, mustard or lettuce  
add tomato    
add swiss, cheddar or provolone cheese        
all kids sandwiches are made on sourdough (you can choose whole wheat or rye instead) and are served with apple slices (you can sub a pickle spear for the apple)

*  the consumption of raw or undercooked eggs or meats may increase your risk of food borne illnesses / please inform your server of any allergies or food sensitivities at the time of ordering
 split plate charge $2. / Visa, MC, Discover or Cash only – minimum credit/debit purchase is $12 / single checks only for all take out orders

your neighborhood bakery café
handmade seasonal comforting foods

market hours

Mon                     10:30 am – 3 pm
Tues - Thurs       10:30 am – 8 pm
Friday                  9 am – 8 pm
Saturday             8:30 am – 8 pm
Sunday                8:30 am – 4 pm

Seattle Metropolitan Magazine 2012
Best Breakfast Spots
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine ’10 & ’11
Editor’s Pick Favorite Restaurant
Seattle Magazine 2011
Best Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup
AOL City’s Best ‘08, ‘09, ’10 Winner
Best Family-Friendly Restaurant
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine 2009
Best Dessert - Ice Cream Sandwich
Best of Citysearch ’07, ‘08’, ‘09 Winner
Best American Food, Bakery,Dessert, Breakfast, Deli,
Ice Cream, Family Friendly Dining and Restaurant
NWSource People’s Picks ’07, ‘08 Winner
Favorite Place to Dine with Kids, Bakery, Dessert Spot, Brunch, Sandwich Shop and Mac ‘n Cheese
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine 2007
Best Ice Cream and Best Comfort Food

in Westwood Village across from Bed, Bath & Beyond
2600 SW Barton St, Seattle, WA 98126
phone (206) 933.1200  /

items and/or prices are subject to change

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